At ShutterLux, we provide and deliver California shutters that:

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Are custom

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Are durable and

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Have a limited
lifetime warranty

For more information about our California shutter styles, click on the images below.

Standard Shutters

Our standard California Shutters are available in different louver sizes (2.5 inches and 3.5 inches respectively), open and close on hinges like a door, and are ideal for larger windows. They can also complement doors and can be used as room dividers.

Their louver width allows for privacy that is suitable for homes facing streets. Other benefits include noise reduction, insulation, and a stylish touch that accentuates your home’s interior.

Good for:

All types of windows, including bay windows, high windows, as well as doors and dividers.

We would, however, advise the following:

  • Medium-sized windows: We recommend using singular panels that would cover the glass both at the top and bottom.
  • Large windows: A mid-rail that provides added support for larger shutters is advisable. This addition helps to support the structure of the shutters and ensures their durability.

Bi-Fold Shutters

These shutter types are attached to tracks so that they fold open and close seamlessly. They are also installed with hinges or can be fitted to open and close on two tracks as single panels on either side of your windows.

Bi-fold shutters provide a high level of privacy in a room that has large and wide windows, a feature that is common in more modern house structures. This option offers more stability as compared to the standard shutters that would require multiple frames. The bi-fold system is easy to open and close and is suitable for homes with high foot traffic.

Good for:
All types of windows, doors, and dividers, except certain window shapes (e.g. Diamond-shaped windows).

Sliding Windows/Doors

These types of shutters are ideal for properties with large rooms that are exposed with floor-to-ceiling glass, or have been designed in an “open space” style. Fitted on tracks, these shutters can be used to help block out light and divide the space within your home or property.

Sliding windows and doors offer a high level of privacy and enable you to optimize the space in your home more effectively.

Good for:
All types of windows, doors, and dividers, except certain window shapes (e.g. Diamond-shaped windows).

They can also be used as a covering for the window or door to the backyard.

Customized Shutters

Do you have windows in your home that have a circular, triangular, or diamond shape? Do you have arched windows that curve?

At ShutterLux, we can provide you with customized shutters based on the unique shape or size of the windows in your home or property. These types of shutters will normally be designed based on individual requirements and will almost always be produced in a frame format.

For more information on our customized shutters, contact your ShutterLux Expert today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

  • Full height
  • Half-height (Cafe style)/Tier-on-tier
  • Customized sizes can be made available upon request (additional charges may apply)
Louver sizes:
  • 2.5 inches
  • 3.5 inches

Window Shutter Applications

Our California shutters can be used across a variety of windows. Here’s some additional information that will help you to make a more informed decision about your future window coverings.

Bay Windows

These window types give you wider views of the natural surroundings and introduce more sunlight into your home. They also help provide more ventilation and airflow.

While they’re visually stunning and elevate a room’s interior, they can be challenging to cover. California shutters can be a good solution as you can custom fit them to bay windows. This helps to filter the light that comes into the room while still enabling you to have a nice outside view.

Arched Windows

As the name suggests, arched windows are curved and can accentuate the look in traditional and modern homes. Its design can also light up a room and add a more aesthetic appeal.

These window types do come in different forms, sizes, and configuration, which can be a challenge with regards to light and privacy.

High Windows

Properties that have high ceilings tend to also have taller windows, and this makes it challenging to cover them. This can be solved by installing louvered shutters that can be adjusted manually.

Once they’re in place, a cordless pulley system* can be used to operate these shutters. The louvers can also be lowered and opened to introduce ventilation as well as enable you to control the lighting and privacy in your home. (*A directive has been enforced by the Government of Canada that requires all window coverings to be cordless to prevent harm to children.)

Shutterlux- Customized Shutter

Doors/Dividers/Closets (Walk-in)

Believe it or not, California shutters can be applied to more than just windows! You can use them as sliding doors that separate your walk-in closet from your bedroom or from other sections of the room.

You can also use them as room dividers to partition space within your home without compromising on sunlight or visual aesthetics. Sliding shutters are also a great solution for sliding glass and patio doors that help to improve the visual appeal within your home.

Our PVC shutters are built with an aluminum core and are suitable to be sliding doors. The frames and slats are also fitted with a surface protection film that prevents our shutters from getting scratched during transport and installation.

Your sliding doors can be fully customized and provide great ventilation as well as adjustable privacy within your space or home.

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